Whistleblower Award Ceremony 2017

IALANA Germany and the Federation of German Scientists biannualy award the Whistleblower Prize. This year, the award goes to

a) Dipl.-Volkswirt Martin Porwoll (Bottrop) and
b) Pharm.-Techn. Assistentin Frau Maria-Elisabeth Klein(Bottrop)
for their revelations in autumn 2016 about the long term illegal adulteration with cytostatics at the pharmacy “Alte Apotheke” in Bottrop (Nordrhein-Westfalen)


(2) Whistleblower Can Dündar (former editor-in-chief of the newspaper „Cumhuriyet“, currently in exile in Berlin) for the revelations of 29 May 2015 and after regarding an illegal state secret of the Erdogan-Regime: an attempted delivery of weapons and military armament, contrary to applicable international law, to Jihadists in Syria conducted by the Turkish secret service MIT.

The Whistleblower Award Ceremony will take place on December 1 in Kassel, Germany.

If you want to learn about Whistleblowing click here.

If you want learn more about the Whistleblower Award click here.