IALANA Germany: An End to the Atomic Age

The German IALANA published a broschure titled “Atomzeitalter beenden – Gegen nukleare Abschreckung, für nukleare Abrüstung und Atomausstieg” in April 2017. Please find here the English version of the brochure An end to the atomic age and contiune reading the foreword by Chair Person Otto Jäckel: Continue reading “IALANA Germany: An End to the Atomic Age”

2012 World Conference against Atomic and Hydrogen Bombs – Declaration of the International Meeting

2012 World Conference against Atomic and Hydrogen BombsSixty-seven years after the US atomic bombs were dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, about 20,000 nuclear weapons are still threatening the very survival of the human race. This threat must be rooted out as soon as possible. We call on people around the world to work together to achieve a world without nuclear weapons. The accident of the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant on March 11, 2011 has brought the horror of the nuclear dangers into sharper relief. We extend our solidarity with all nuclear victims.

2012 WorldConference against_Atomic Hydrogen Bombs-Declaration

Vancouver Declaration: Law’s Imperative for the Urgent Achievement of a Nuclear – Weapon – Free World

Nuclear weapons are incompatible with elementary considerations of humanity.

Human security today is jeopardized not only by the prospect of states’ deliberate use of nuclear weapons, but also by the risks and harms arising from their production, storage, transport, and deployment. They include environmental degradation and damage to health; diversion of resources; risks of accidental or unauthorized detonation caused by the deployment of nuclear forces ready for quick launch and inadequate command/control and warning systems; and risks of acquisition and use by non-state actors caused by inadequate securing of fissile materials and warheads.

Find the Vancouver Declaration here

The Ahrweiler Declaration

The Ahrweiler DeclarationContrary to the widely held opinion, which always reasserts that the nuclear deterrence system has impressively demonstrated its effectiveness and functionality during and after the Cold War and until today, it should be noted that the number of situations in which the world has been close to the nuclear abyss in recent decades is considerably high. Most people do not know this, or at any rate are not even aware of it.