Civil society statements to the UN conference on negotiations on a treaty to prohibit nuclear weapons

Please find here two statements by IALANA representatives:

Jacqueline Cabasso
Executive Director, Western States Legal Foundation, Oakland, California
U.S. Affiliate, International Association of Lawyers against Nuclear Arms
Delivered 16 July 2017

Read the full statement here

Peter Weiss
President Emeritus
International Association of Lawyers Against Nuclear Arms
Cluster Two: Obligations
Delivered 19 June 2017
Read the full statement here

John Burroughs on the UN negotiations on the prohibition of nuclear weapons

John Burroughs gives a statement on the UN negotiations on the prohibition of nuclear weapons.


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Lawyers’ letter released at United Nations nuclear ban negotiations New York, June 23

Yesterday at the United Nations, the International Association of Lawyers Against Nuclear Arms (IALANA) released a Lawyers’ letter on the abolition of nuclear weapons in conjunction with UN negotiations on a treaty to prohibit nuclear weapons.

The letter has been endorsed by over 400 lawyers, law professors, attorneys, judges, law students and other legal professionals, including the Rt Hon Geoffrey Palmer (former Prime Minster of New Zealand and Ad Hoc Judge of the International Court of Justice), Prof Herta Däubler-Gmelin (Former Minister of Justice of Germany), Richard Falk (Professor emeritus of international law at Princeton University and Senior Vice President, Nuclear Age Peace Foundation), Phon van den Biesen (Counsel before the International Court of Justice in Bosnia’s Genocide case and The Marshall Islands’ Nuclear Disarmament Cases), Peter Weiss (Constitutional law expert and pioneer of the universal jurisdiction principle for international crimes), Prof Emilie Gaillard (French legal expert in rights of future generations) and the Hon Matt Robson (former New Zealand Minister of Courts and Minister of Disarmament and Arms Control).

The letter welcomes the UN negotiations, highlights the current illegality of the threat and use of nuclear weapons under general international law, laments the fact that nuclear-armed States are failing to recognise that illegality, and supports its codification in a multilateral prohibition agreement.

The nuclear-armed states and their closest allies have refused to participate in the negotiations and will almost certainly not sign the treaty. However, the letter notes that despite this, ‘the nuclear ban treaty effort constitutes an important affirmation of the norms against nuclear weapons‘. Further, adoption and implementation of the treaty “will be a major step towards negotiation of a comprehensive agreement on the achievement and permanent maintenance of a world free of nuclear arms.”

The lawyers’ letter reinforces key points being made by IALANA to the UN negotiations, including through interventions and working papers (See A/CONF.229/2017/NGO/WP.12 Selected Elements of a Treaty Prohibiting Nuclear Weapons, Submitted by International Association of Lawyers Against Nuclear Arms; A/CONF.229/2017/NGO/WP.13 Withdrawal Clauses in Arms Control Treaties: Some Reflections about a Future Treaty Prohibiting Nuclear Weapons, Submitted by International Association of Lawyers Against Nuclear Arms (IALANA); A/CONF.229/2017/NGO/WP.37 Prohibitions and the Preamble: Further Comments. Submitted by International Association of Lawyers Against Nuclear Arms and A/CONF.229/2017/NGO/WP.38 Nuclear-Armed States, Positive Obligations, Institutional Issues, and Final Clauses: Further Comments. Submitted by International Association of Lawyers Against Nuclear Arms).

John Burroughs, Executive Director of the Lawyers’ Committee on Nuclear Policy (UN office of IALANA), noted at the launch of the letter that whether to include a prohibition of the threat of use of nuclear weapons is a contested issue in the negotiations on a nuclear ban treaty.  He stated that:

‘…while existing law does apply to threats in all circumstances – aggression, self-defense, particular operations and situations during an armed conflict – its application is complicated and not spelled out comprehensively in the UN Charter and in IHL treaties. Inclusion of a prohibition of threat of nuclear weapons in the convention would therefore provide desirable clarity, confirming the illegality of threat under existing law, which should also be declared in the preamble.’

Mr Burroughs also noted that it is the threat of use of nuclear weapons that is central to their possession, not the use of nuclear weapons which has not happened in wartime since 1945. As such ‘The inclusion of an explicit prohibition of threat of use of nuclear weapons, and, if deemed appropriate, of security doctrines providing for use of nuclear weapons, accordingly would advance the achievement of complete nuclear disarmament.’

Commander Robert Green (Royal Navy, ret.) supported Mr Burroughs on the need to include a prohibition on threat of use of nuclear weapons in the treaty.

“Nuclear deterrence, far from providing security, promotes insecurity through stimulating hostility, mistrust, nuclear arms racing and proliferation. What is more, because of these realities and its insoluble credibility problem, it is highly vulnerable to failure. As for extended nuclear deterrence, far from providing a so-called ‘nuclear umbrella’ to non-nuclear US allied states, it acts as a ‘lightning rod’ attracting insecurity to them, because any use of nuclear weapons by the US on their behalf would inevitably escalate to all-out nuclear war… nuclear deterrence is a vast protection racket by a US-led organised crime syndicate, who use it as a counterfeit currency of power, and whose principal beneficiary is the military-industrial complex.”

“This is why the ban treaty must prohibit threat of use, and include language explaining what that means…. The fact that the currently deployed UK Trident submarine is described as on ‘deterrent patrol’, despite being at days’ notice to fire with no assigned target, confirms this need.”

The lawyers’ letter also calls for implementation of well-known measures to reduce nuclear dangers and facilitate nuclear disarmament, including ending nuclear sharing, in which Belgium, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, and Turkey host US nuclear bombs, and ratification of the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty by hold-out states, including China, India, Pakistan, and the United States, to bring it into legal force.

The letter’s relevance goes beyond the current negotiations, and IALANA will keep the letter open for additional endorsers from members of the legal community. Sign on at

IALANA working papers on the United Nations conference to negotiate a legally binding instrument to prohibit nuclear weapons, leading towards their total elimination

Two most recent IALANA working papers have been posted on the UN website: (prohibitions and preamble)  (nuclear-armed states and other issues)

You can get some sense of how the negotiations are going from:

Further Signatories to the Lawyers’ Letter on Nuclear Abolition

Further signatories without a law background include:

Latest Signatures
69 sascha doerr switzerland IT Jul 11, 2017
68 Randy Spydell USA geologist Jul 04, 2017
67 Sandro Ungersböck Germany Bankkaufmann Jun 28, 2017
66 Andreas Schulze Sellschopp Germany Soz.Päd. grad. Jun 26, 2017
65 Andrea Krahl Germany Jun 26, 2017
64 Shoji Sawada Japan Physicist, Emeritus professor of Nagoya University Jun 23, 2017
63 Petra Tatura Deutschland Jun 20, 2017
62 Josef Foschepoth Germany Professor of Contemporary History Jun 20, 2017
61 Karin Warda Germany Librarian Jun 20, 2017
60 Monica Felber Schweiz Lehrerin Jun 20, 2017
59 Uta Posselt Germany München Jun 20, 2017
58 Peter Buerger Germany theologian Jun 19, 2017
57 Simona Walter Schweiz Anthropologist Jun 19, 2017
56 Marco Spychala Germany Veterinarian Jun 19, 2017
55 Ruth Annelie Schettler Germany/ France teacher Jun 19, 2017
54 Ralf Matthias Germany Worker Jun 19, 2017
53 Werner Mittelstaedt Germany Jun 19, 2017
52 florence hervé, Autorin France/Germany Jun 19, 2017
51 Martha Weninger Austria Pensionistin Jun 19, 2017
50 Yvonne Matz Germany Law professor Jun 19, 2017
49 Karin Hockamp Germany Jun 18, 2017
48 Wolfgang Zuther Germany Rentner Jun 18, 2017
47 Hella-Maria Schier Germany Jun 18, 2017
46 PD. Dr. med. Börngen Ulrich Germany Jun 18, 2017
45 Edgar Harth Germany Jun 18, 2017
44 Moritz Anzelini Austria political scientist, concierge, skateboard instructor, Jun 18, 2017
43 Roland Kirchhof Deutschland Jun 18, 2017
42 Marco Hartmann Germany Jun 18, 2017
41 Hartmut Drewes Germany Jun 18, 2017
40 Thomas Ostheim Germany Jun 17, 2017
39 Marco Dette Germany Jun 17, 2017
38 Rosemarie Kirschmann Germany Jun 17, 2017
37 Anja Martin Germany clinic employee Jun 17, 2017
36 Ines Neubert Germany Jun 17, 2017
35 Sebastian Tschirner Germany Jun 17, 2017
34 Peter Boettel Deutschland Jun 17, 2017
33 Hans Brandt Germany LTC ret. Jun 17, 2017
32 jürgen skopp Germany Jun 17, 2017
31 Christian Lorenz ?? Jun 17, 2017
30 Toni Schmaußer Germany Sengenthal Jun 17, 2017
29 Uwe Dressel G Jun 17, 2017
28 Ulrike Müller France Journalist Jun 17, 2017
27 Detlef Nehrkorn Germany Jun 17, 2017
26 christian otto germany social worker Jun 17, 2017
25 Jana Wolff Germany teacher Jun 17, 2017
24 Andreas Pelzer Germany Cabinetmaker Jun 16, 2017
23 Gertrud Nehls ?? Jun 16, 2017
22 Juergen Eck Germany Pensioner Jun 16, 2017
21 Jens Frigge Deutschland IT-Expert Jun 16, 2017
20 Timm Spretke Germany Jun 16, 2017

Michael Severin Germany Engineer of Electronics
Michael Schmid Germany
Katja Mayer
Wolfgang Martin Germany
Nicos Chawales Dresden Öffentl. bestellter Vermessungsing.
Martina Koelling-Negussie Germany Independently
Bjoern Jereczek Germany Dipl. Ing. Elektrotchnik
Joerg Steinecke
Monika Young Deutschland Volkswirtin
Manuela Seidler Germany
Florian Vogler Germany Social Worker
Günther Freitag Germany
Alex Hardok
Wolfgang Röhrer Deutschland
abdullah rashid Deutschland pulheim
Ulrike Bergmann deutschland Architektin
Jürgen Schiebert Germany journalist
Udo Peter Germany
Michael Schlieben Germany
mikel amthor germany
Julia Mason Germany
Gunter Schneider Germany
Klaus Zapf Germany Rentner
Gertrud Nehls
jürgen meyer Germany carpenter
Margret Böttcher Germany
Sascha Sparr Germany Peace interested human being
Benjamin Haubeck Germany
Ralph Lemp Germany
Dennis Raulff Germany
Wolfram Ruppert Berlin
Ralph Ritter Germany Vater von 4 Kindern
Wetzstein Anna Germany
Wetzstein Rolf Germany
Frank Weber Germany
Ursula Stevens-Kimpel Germany Psychologist,Teacher
Gerhard Heuser Germany Architect
Bärbel Käufer-Graetz Germany teacher
jörg welack Germany cultural scientist
Karlheinz Maas Germany
Thomas Peter Germany
Erich Guist German teacher
Christian Hack Germany
Caroline Hauff Germany
Rüdiger Hauff Germany
Salahuddin Hussein Bosnia and Herzegovina Electrical and Electronics engineer
Karin Hauff Germany
Rainer Krenz Germany
Anneliese Betz Deutschland I am not a lawyer. I am a teacher and retired, but I woujd like to sign , too.
Werner Pommerenke Germany
Christian Sohns Germany
Siegfried Kullick Germa pensioner
Frank Einsdorf Germany waldorfschool classteacher
Andreas Schierwagen Germany Cognitive Science
Manfred Plavenieks Germany
ralf döhring
Klaus Konstanty Germany
Uwe Hildebrandt Germany
Lutz Mertins Germany
Jutta Mertins Germany
Wilhelm Schmidt-Wemhoff Deutschland
Angelika Hein Germany Artist
Andreas Faber Germany
Rosel Crittendon Germany
Andreas Henrichs Germany
Helmet Kneppler Germany Technical
Reimund Martin Stiede Gernany Certified Auditor/ Certified Tax Advisor
Jürgen Peters Deutschland rentner
Irene Kraushaar-Wiedemann Germany Psychologist. Psychotherapist
Helmut Weber Germany Dipl.Ing.
Gerd-Dietmar Willenberg Germany
Karl Hanß Germany Dipl. ING.
Jan Bethmann Germany Accountant
Thomas Urstadt Germany Mechanic
Andreas Erner Germany
Hans-Joachim Glück Germany
Dietmar Tesch Germany
Bärbel Tesch Germany
David Meuer Sweden Mechatronic Technician
Friedrich Homann Germany Retired
Jan Hartwig Germany IT
Wolfgang Rennert Germany
Viktor Weiland Germany
Thomas Müller Germany Logistic Employee
Valentin Tutsch Germany Angestellter
Georg Topp Deutschland Zivile Luftfahrt
Maren Müller Germany
Eberhard Wetzig Germany
Tim Schmitz-Reinthal Germany
Eva Schlögl-Kecman Deutschland
Albert Nitsch Germany
Karin Müller Germany Pensioner
Reinhard Eltges D
Sergey Beyer Germany
Christiane Struck Germany
Birgit Szuba Deutschland Künstlerin
Feuersänger Sigrid France nurse
Klaus wallmann Germany
Mechthild Bellenbaum Germany Rentnerin
Barbara Seitz Germany Controller
Peter Wollank Deutschland
Robin Engelen Germany Musician
Helmut SWcheid Germany
Thomas Stelzer Germany Engineer
Sybille Schenk Germany
alex weick
Willibald Schmid Germany
Siegrid Hauser Germany
Wiltrut Homborg Germany Teacher
Klaus Stedem Germany Dipl.-Ing.
Burkhard Hennig Germany
Ingrid Hildebrandt Deutschland Frankfurt
Volker Müller Germany Rentner
Allmuth Schuttwolf Deutschland Gotha
Herbert Sklenak Germany
Erdmut-M. Hoerner BRD Priest
Andreas Pfister Germany Designer
Luana U. Thalmann Germany socialworker
Bernhard Goch Deutschland
Daniela Spitz Deutschland
Dietmar Schmidt
Iris Müller Germany Gardener
Ernst Spittank Germany
Wolfgang Surges Deutschland
Hannes Hagen Germany Business student
Ernst Gleichmann Germany
Uwe Turkiewicz
Johann Jungermann Germany physician
Josef Reitberger Germany
Wolf-Christian Dullo Germany
Helmut Schmitz Germany Dipl.Ing.
Eckhard Matz Germany
Norbert Huchler Deutschland
Monika Dullo Deutschland
Manfred Kitschke Germany engineer
Dennis Ulrich Germany
Gabriele Thamke NRW Human
Horst Häuser Germany
Anton Petter Österreich Medical doctor
Katja Rauschenberg Germany Elektrotechnikerin
Joerg Fiedler Germany
Joachim Wieck Germany
Mario Krause Germany
Claudia Hanses Germany Juristin
Volker Wiciok Germany Photographer
Anette Kaufmann Germany Lehrerin i.R.
Margrit Jütte Germany Anthropologist
Gero Weigelt Germany
robert buchholz Germany
Doris Schröder Germany
Engel Michael Germany
Ines Süß Germany
Norbert Dr. Schröder Germany
Wilhelm Völlmecke Germany Selbstständiger Unternehmer
Andreas Schlichting Deutschland
Brian Wellard Germany
H. Georg Hertle Deutschland
Margit Krause-Ono Germany Professor of Intercultural Communication
Boris Peter Philippines
Kan Mahlen Deutschland
Reinhold Wagemann Germany
Ralf Deutschmann Germany engineer
Klaus Windisch Germany Teacher
Christa Herriger Germany
andre schaller Germany
Jasper Heller Deutschland Ges.-& Krankenpfleger
Wulf Mirko Weinreich Germany psychologist
Philipp Arndt Germany employee
Christoph Oertel Germany Sound Designer
Maxi Jagow Germany
Rolf Wichmann Germany
Helga Sieber France retired
Daniel Friebel Germany Civil engineer
Norbert Hold Germany
Uta Heberle Germany
Eckhard Heberle Germany
Wolfgang Söhnchen Wolfgang Söhnchen Deutschland
Sebastian Müller Deutschland
Gottfried Lobeck Germany
Sascha Alexander Meyer Germany
Fritz Grau Germany
Friedrich Müller Deutschland
Adolf Burkhardt Germany
Kristin Müller-Ngangoua Germany Teacher/University of applied sciences
Manfred Lutz Germany
Alan Hayes Germany expert of the art of living
Walter Lang Deutschland
Karin Weiß Germany
Thomas Petereit Germany
Reinhard Salamonsberger Deutschland Retired
Margareta Seegerer Deutschland
Christian Rassi Österreich Graz
Steffen Bürgin
Jörg Wahle Germany
Ralf Wincheringer Germany
Nutan Sampat Germany Medical physicist
Eduard Hochmuth Germany Dipl. Ing.
Hans-Jörg John Deutschland Dipl.-Ing.
Jonas Wagner Germany Naval Architect
Christian Kuester Germany
Gudrun Franke Germany
Christian Duquenoy Germany
Hartmut Heller Germany Dipl. Soziologe
Klaus Teichmann Germany
Matthias Dullin Germany
Gerhard Mager Germany
Simone Loebel Germany
Wolfram Strohbach Germany Chemist
Werner Biggel Deutschland Tübingen
Manfred Stark Germany
Thomas Hannibal Switzerland Artist
Marco Bredemeier Germany
Philipp Ponitka Germany Engineer
Lukas Dolny Germany
Rainer Starzoneck Germany teacher
Ute Koité-Herschel Germany Linguist
Gregor Hafner Deutschland Architekt
Werner Saß Germany
Matthias Bauer Germany
Gerhard Hiller Germany
Malah Helman Germany Artist
Kerstin Schröder Germany
Heinrich Glumpler Deutschland other profession
Jan Gierse Deutschland
Ariane Herrmann Germany Retired
Ludger Klus Germany Dipl. Betriebswirt
Werner Traemailow Germany
Brigitta Küster-Sartori Germany
Peter Peissig
Sabine Willerd Germany
Andre Loos Deutschland Bodenheim
Irmgard Lücke Germany
Sebastian Sperling Germany
Ulrich Vogtland Deutschland Ingineer
Wilfried Humann Germany
Christian Kandt Germany Biologist
Andreas Thiel Germany
Gert Tautenhahn Germany
Heidemarie Brühns Germany
Gisela Belkaceme Germany Tübingen
André Vehlken Deutschland
nina abraham Germany lehrerin
Nett Josef Deutschland
Rainer R Tost Germany
Wolfgang Köhler Germany Musician
Hans-Jürgen Fischer Germany
Ingo Kaufmann Germany
Martina Geppert Germany
Michael Hein Germany Consulting Engineer
Hartwig Dr. Latocha Germany Cultural Anthropologist
Karl Gegenfurtner Germany Verfahrenspfleger
Karlheinz Rahm BRD
Martin Gruber Germany
Harry Heine Germany human
Ingolf Hahn
Tatjana Maier-Borst Germany
Dworsky Ferdinand Germany
Arite Maack
Tom Winckelmann Germany
Anja Lietzmann Germany Dentist
doris wernig Austria
Annett Beate Glatzel Deutschland Ingenieur
Goran Bubalo Bosnia and Herzegovina Coordinator at Network for Building Peace
Dieter Heine Germany Dipl.Ing.
Alexander Fehst Germany
P. Kneißl Gärtner
Christian Lichtenberg Germany
Ralf Schmidt Germany
Klaus Gieselmann-Brandt Deutschland Hamburg Ottensen
Steffen Groll Deutschland
Leonhardt Ealtraud Germany Dipl. Lehrerin
Ulrich Leonhadt Germany Dipl.-Ing.
Adolf Berger Germany Rentner
Axel Kießig Germany
Dimitri Bill Germany
Dr. med. Arnd Simon Germany Physician
Erika Poseck Germany
Heidelind Rädisch Germany
Christoph Seidel Germany WKZ
Jürgen Deutsch Germany Rentner
Rüdiger Debus Deutschland Fahrzeugbau-Techniker
barbara schmid germany housewife
Romy Doecke Germany
siwicki Juergen Germany
Thomas Weinmann Germany
Andreas Kran Germany
Heike Belz Germany Photographer
Gabriele Halili Deutschland
Ulrich Warntjen Germany organic food shop owner
Ulrich Meiser Germany Pensioner
Anja Neumer Germany Nurse
Bernd Schlosser F.R.Germany mecanical engineer (Dipl.-Ing)
Werner Ruf Germany
Eva Marienwald Germany librarian
Eva Scholl Germany
Thomas Scholl Germany
Stefan Kischner Germany
Tanja de Vries Deutschland Kellinghusen
Heiko Mohnke Germany
Margret Böttcher Germany
Konrad Hahn Germany
Ramona Schuster Austria
Christina Schade Germany Urban Planner
Torsten Graef Germany Socialworker
Stefan Kreft Germany
Waldemar Gerstenkorn Deutschland Ringe/Neugnadenfeld
Wolfgang Glasbrenner Germany
Uwe Dr. Prutscher Germany
Werner Knieriemen Germany
Kai Strang Germany
Heiner Gierling Germany Kulturwissenschaftler
Klaus Huber Deutschland München
Kai Strang Germany IT-Specialist
Albert Kern Germany
Klaus-D. Prinz Deutschland
christine mania Germany
Sven Stolze
Pochandke Peter Germany
Uwe Wilhelm Germany Angestellter
Peter Krause Arzt
Mathias Noack Deutschland Technischer Zeichner
Dieter Schulze Germany
Marcus Malinowsky germany
Norbert Eichstädt Germany
Thorsten Stelting Germany
Annemarie Zander Germany Krankenschwester i.R.
Karl-Heinz Hilpert Germany Rentner
Lutz Schreiter
Heiko Schlottke Deutschland Trappenkamp
Hubert Ullrich-Bertsch Deutschland Sozialarbeiter
Günter Mentz Germany
Berndt Zander Germany Pensionär
Herbert Krullmann Germany
Frank Foerster Federal Republic of Germany
Ferdinand Takatsch Germany Retired
Christian Zell Germany Schemmerhofen
Wolfgang Geiling Germany
Christian Dankert Germany Software Developer
Lucas Hartwich Germany
Klaus Piorek Deutschland Iserlohn
Tim Johannson Germany Kaufmann
Dietmar Schiller Germany Pensioner (Police)
Klaus-Dieter Schleimnitz Deutschland
Klaus Bartsch Germany Gärtner
Felix Schönfelder Germany Historian
wolfgang fenn Germany
Bjørn Weidner Norway
Peter Balke Gerrmany
steffen Blottner Germany
Miriam Markhoff Germany Trainer
Helmut Müllwe Deutschland Angestellter
Gerrit Krieger Deutschland Rentner
Ulrich Meier Germany
Ursula Möllenberg Germany
Bernd Sprinke Germany
Matthias Hess Germany
Ursula Koepke Germany
Klaus Meier Germany Rentner
Röhl Manuela Germany
Wolfgang Sixt Germany
Jürgen Boettcher Germany Pensionär
Peter von Elling Germany Bremen
Marko Rüffel Germany
Nebojscha Pantovic Germany
Bernd Krumme Germany Cook
Ulrike Müller France Journalist
Anna Rennemeier Germany
Bernd Bluhm Germany
Tim Oestermann Germany Certified Engineer
Rita Reinke Germany
Astrid Langlotz Germany
Detlef Reinicke Germany
Wolfgang Kreische Germany Fotograf
Wulf Schindler Deutschland
Frederik Wolk Germany
Winfried Karg Germany Teacher
Friedrich Rammer Germany IT, Server Admin
Daniel Nawka Germany
Joachim Trapp Germany artist
Kern Guenter Germany Autor
Susanne Engel Germany librarian
doris schroeder Germany pensioner
Sven Schönemann Germany Musiker
Gottfried Günther Germany
Jens Volswinkler Germanny
Gert Siepak Germany
Claus-Dieter Stille Germany Journalist
Burkhard Zeunert Deutschland Pfarrer i.R.
Christine Kempe Germany Fachzahntechnikerin
Marianne Landen germany
Klaus Kempe Germany Dipl.-lng.
Hannelore Kelling Germany
Michael Kohls Germany
Rainer Dhonau BRD
Rupert Kroemer Germany
Ingrid Hecker Germany Musikerin
Wilfried Leuth Germany
horst Kirch Germany
Carolin Starke teacher
Gabriel Müller-Huelss Germany
Peter Michael Dr. Münch France Chirurg
Robert Lux Germany Engineer
Friedrich Renz Deutschland Winnenden
Herta Bauereiß Germany
Klaus Kullmann Germany Privatier
Veronika Krause Germany
Karl-Heinz Jackenkroll Germany
Friedrich Bauereiß D
Reinhard Gronau Deutschland
Andreas Spieß Germany Öffentlicher Dienst
Ute Lass Germany
Timo Schmidt Germany Human
Ulrike Graf Germany
Schmidtke Andreas Germany
Daniel Christel Germany
Berthold Bergner Germany Arzt
Claudia Nier Germany Architect
Jürgen David Germany Rentner
Manfred Schorr Germany
rainer weber-thammasut Germany Psychotherapist
Erhard Sahm Germany
Philipp Striegl
Regina Kernke Germany
Heinz-D. Haun Germany Theatre Pedagogue
Michael Gottschlich Germany Teacher
Harald Ewe Deutschland Engineer
Annette Spandern Germany Pharmacist
Roland Oeser Germany
Ursula Bruemann Germany Retired
Alexander Scharf Germany Mechanic
Georg Rammer Germany Dipl. Psychol.
Joachim Scheidler Germany
Udo Weidt Germany
Michael Knopp Austria Bauingenieur
Burkhard Malotke Germany Counsellor
Ruth Luigs Germany
Marc Kielnecker Germany Ingenieur
Jeannette Wilfer Germany job-seeking
Ingo Heim Germany
Bruno Osadnik Deutschland
Ulrich Herbst Germany Dipl. Betriebswirt (FH)
Elli Frank
Jürgen Wanjura Germany
Frank Inden Germany Krankenpfleger
Michael Walter Germany Rentner
Helmut Priebe Germany
Claudia Skroch Deutschland Verwaltungsangestellte
Sebastian Voigt-Steffen Germany
Thilo Buchholz Germany
Andreas Mende Costa Rica Geologist
Tina Kretzschmar Deutschland
Luca Vadian Giacobini Switzerland lic.iur.
Josef Graml Germany Technician
Wolfgang Wirthwein Germany Rentner
Christoph Roehrs Deutschland retired
Gerd Lange Germany
Stephan Lorenz Deutschland Berlin
Petra Zacherl Germany
Falk Fricke Deutschland
Reinhard Schlüter Germany Writer
Hans-Jürgen Mülln Germany
Bastian Stoehr Germany
Martin Stiede Germany
Herbert Scholl BRD Rentner
Thomas Tebest Deutschland
Annette van Gessel Netherlands pharmacist
Ullrich Mies Netherlands political scientist
Stefan Hoja Germany It
Klaus Skutta Germany Rentner
Matthias Mihalik Germany Teacher
Michael Apel Germany
Gertrud Lüdenbach Germany
Holger Ruletzki Germany
Alexander Strehober Germany
Mathieu Witzel Germany
Daniel Maresch Germany Projekt Manager
Ulrich Otto Germany Teacher
Dennis Sinock Deutschland Landshut
Sven Bethke Germany Conductor
Gerhard Engelbrech Germany
Kirschner Matthias Deutschland
Michael Müller Deutschland Berlin
Frank M. Scheermesser
Elke Nußbaum Germany
siegmar grgor Germany .
Michael Krater Germany Isurance Salesman
Karin Strehober Germany Berlin
Eliza Wolfs Netherlands Pensioner
Peter Kaiser Germany
Siegfried Züchner Germany retired
Bernd Herrlach Deutschland Retired
Norbert Wendt Germany
Markus Birkle Germany Economist
Josef Mockenhaupt Germany
Karl Thomke Germany
Peter Richter Germany Psychologist
Wolfgang Schmitt Germany Consultant
Anton Greil Dipl.Math./Inf.
Detlef Nehrkorn Germany
Heinz Priess Germany
Manfred Wolter Deutschland
Jörg Schürmann Deutschland Wirtschaftsinformatiker
Hartmut Kruse Germany engineer
Gerhard Storch Germany
Matthias Janke Deutschland
Patrick Prellwitz Germany
Herbert Löhr Germany Retired
Udo Wickenkamp Germany
Roswitha Schneider Germany
Bärbel Glöser Germany
Oskar Bauer Germany
Martin Hilbert Deutschland Design Management
Steffen Voß Germany Teacher
Timo Streckenbach Germany Human
Fabian Birk Germany
Thomas Steinhoff Germany
Alexandar Allinger Germany Data Analyst
Philip Stegmaier Germany Biologist
Manfred Hirschmann Germany
Maximilian Mann Germany
Jens Schipper Germany Teacher
Frank Schneider Germany
Annegret Wagner Germany Teacher, retired
Klaus Fischer Germany
Burkhard Heuser Germany Schlosser
Lydia Braun Germany technician
Matthias Reiff Germany Angestellter
elfriede gray germany pensioner
Norbert Wenzel Deutschland
Elisabeth Lauck-Ndayi Germany Retired
Annette Ingrisch Germany
Manfred Brand Germany Engineer
Werner Hünneke Germany Logistik
Andrey Lepscheew Germany
Wilfried Köwing Germany
Alexander Thiel Germany None
C. Karen Ayoub Germany
Gaby Grosse Deutschland
Enrico Merazzi Germany
André Wilk Deutschland Rostock
Thomas Scheider Germany
bernd Juergen meiners germany
Fischer Hans Herbert
Anita van Saan Germany biologist
Simon Lauber Germany student of energy engeneering
Manfred Spreckelmeyer Germany
Harald Patzelt Germany
Herbert Wangerin Deutschland
Hermann Müller Germany Pensioner
Lothar Gündling Portugal PORTO
Marion Schädlich Germany
Lothar Wübbena Teacher
Arno Schulz Germany Rentner
Manfred Giersig Germany
Alexander Haack Angestellter
Immanuel Meyer Germany student
Lutz Hausstein Germany
Michael Napp Germany Seller
Siegfried Schmidtke Germany Rentner
Jörg Ehmann Germany
Georg Bruch Germany
Hardy Koch Germany
Andre Franik Deutschland
Frank Beilstein Germany
Andreas Boerner Germany Auditor
Peter Fehlmann Switzerland
Justus Jacob Germany student of special needs education
Jens Niggemann Germany
Iris Born Germany self-employed
Gerd Haubner Germany
Raimund Thum Germany
Monika D’Souza Germany Rentnerin
Peter Gust Deutschland Waren (Müritz)
Udo Zielke Deutschland Naturwissenschaftler
Holger Utermann Germany
Werner Peters Germany Rentner
Winfried Lueg GERMANY
Detlef Harder Germany
Marina Stachowiak Germany Kunstwissenschaftlerin
Udo Kaczmarczyk Deutschland
Renate Boloki Deutschland
Reinhard Melz Germany
Andreas Becker Deutschland
Andreas Thoms Deutschland
Alfred Dohr Deutschland
Dieter Becker Germany
Martin Grüning Deutschland Kerpen (Eifel)
Jürgen Nissen Germany cab-driver
Helene Sobczynski-Baier Germany
Anke Wodtke germany
Ulrich Richter Germany Rentner
Klaus Baltus Deutschland
Simone Heuser Deutschland Hörlitz
Rudi Sabri Germany Stuttgart
Christian Schmitz
Henry Illy Germany
Peter Neumann Deutschland
Renate Lau-Gaiser Germany Money-and Debt adviser
Christoph Wagener Germany
Markus Kasseckert Germany Student Political Science
Annemarie Willers Germany
Alexander Beck Deutschland
Wolfgang Peschke Germany
Udo Mayer Germany
Stefan Müller Germany
Horst Büttner Deutschland Lektor
Fischer Christine
Jana Erz Germany
Ina Schröder Germany
Wolfgang Kain Germany Computer Science
Herbert Wekel Germany Pensionär
Gertrud Metzner Germany Diplom-Verwaltungswirtin (FH)
M. Schlüter Germany
Karl Dieter und Johanna Peters Deutschland
Kristin Wedekind Germany
jutta behnke Germany
Nico Hermannsdörfer Germany
Wolfgang Stoeger Germany
Sven Lindner Germany
Steffen Helmle Germany
Dirk Körting Germany Dipl. Ing. (FH) Maschinenbau
Waldemar Wentland
Wilhelm Schall Germany Psychotherapist
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The Public Conscience Awakens – An Overview of the Draft Ban Treaty

By Amela Skiljan, IPB Coordinator & Board Member of the German IALANA

On Monday, 22nd of May, the Draft Convention on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons was publicly released by Ambassador Elayne Whyte Gomez, the president of the United Nations Conference to Negotiate a Legally Binding Instrument to Prohibit Nuclear Weapons, Leading Towards their Total Elimination.

It is the result of the first discussion round held in New York 27-31.03.2017. Continue reading “The Public Conscience Awakens – An Overview of the Draft Ban Treaty”

Unterzeichnen Sie den JuristInnenbrief zur Abschaffung von Kernwaffen

Liebe Kolleginnen und Kollegen,

begleitet von einem Stillschweigen in den deutschen Medien und deshalb nahezu unbemerkt von der deutschen Öffentlichkeit findet derzeit bei den Vereinten Nationen in New York eine von 134 Staaten geführte Konferenz statt, in der ein Atomwaffenverbotsvertrag mit dem Ziel der Abschaffung aller Atomwaffen verhandelt wird. Seit der Verabschiedung des Nichtverbrei-tungsvertrags im Jahr 1968 ist dies die wichtigste Staateninitiative zur nuklearen Abrüstung. Nach einer ersten Verhandlungsrunde im März steht in der Zeit vom 15. Juni bis 7. Juli 2017 die zweite Konferenzrunde an. Das Verhandlungsergebnis der ersten Runde – ein überarbeiteter Vertragsentwurf als Grundlage der Fortsetzung der Beratung in der zweiten Verhandlungsrunde – liegt inzwischen vor. In dem Diskussionsprozess konnte IALANA International durch unser Verbindungsbüro bei den Vereinten Nationen in New York mit eigenen Formulierungsbeiträgen eine erfreuliche und anerkannte Rolle spielen. Allerdings finden die Verhandlungen ohne Beteiligung Deutschlands statt. Die NATO – Staaten mit Ausnahme der Niederlande boykottieren die Verhandlungen. Dabei hatten Christdemokraten und Sozialdemokraten in einer einmütigen Entschließung fast aller politischen Kräfte am 27. Oktober 2016 im Europaparlament alle Mitgliedstaaten der EU dazu aufgerufen, die von der Generalversammlung der Vereinten Nationen beschlossene Konferenz zu unterstützen und sich konstruktiv daran zu beteiligen (Nukleare Sicherheit und Nichtverbreitung von Kernwaffen – Entschließung des Europäischen Parlaments vom 27. Oktober 2016 zur nuklearen Sicherheit und Nichtverbreitung von Kernwaffen 2016/2936(RSP)). Die Bundesregierung folgt aber bislang offenbar einer Demarche der Regierung der USA an alle Mitglieder der NATO, in der diese dringend dazu aufgerufen werden, der Konferenz fern zu bleiben. IALANA Deutschland hat dies in der Neuauflage der Erklärung „Atomzeitalter beenden“ ausführlich dokumentiert. Wir wenden uns nun an Sie mit der Bitte, den beigefügten Juristenaufruf zur Unterstützung des Verhandlungsprozesses zu unterzeichnen . Wir möchten damit zugleich öffentlich zum Ausdruck bringen, dass die Haltung der Bundesregierung Widerspruch in der deutschen Zivilgesellschaft findet und dringend der Korrektur bedarf. Deutschland darf in diesen Verhandlungen nicht im Abseits stehen. Deutschland muss vielmehr zu den ersten Signatarstaaten gehören des Atomwaffenverbotsvertrags!

Mit freundlichen Grüßen
Otto Jäckel

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