IALANA at Youth Fusion International Law Series

IALANA board members Dr. John Burroughs and Amela Skiljan as well as IALANA consultant and member of Aotearoa Lawyers for Peace Alyn Ware and Prof. Nick Grief were interviewed by Gabriela Maier Tolic for the podcast Youth Fusion International Law Series.

This podcast was established to help anyone interested in finding out more about nuclear weapons issues and how they are regulated in international law by providing an overview of the status of international law connected to nuclear weapons. This episode explores questions surrounding the possession of nuclear weapons and the disarmament obligation.

Find the podcast episodes here:

Prof. Nick Grief – fundamental principles of international law

Dr. John Burroughs – possession of and obligation to reduce nuclear weapons

Amela Skiljan and Alyn Ware – law and the threat of use of nuclear weapons