News on the Republic of Marshall Islands Law Case

U.S. Motion to Dismiss – RMI Response Next Week

On August 21, the Marshall Islands will submit its 15-page response to the U.S. Motion to Dismiss. The U.S. will have the opportunity to reply to the RMI response on September 8, and there is a hearing scheduled at the Federal Court in Oakland on September 12.

Marshall Islands to Receive MacBride Peace Prize

The International Peace Bureau (IPB) will award the Sean MacBride Peace Prize to the people and government of the Marshall Islands. The prize recognizes RMI’s courageous action in filing the Nuclear Zero Lawsuits against the nine nuclear-armed nations.

Newsweek Article Highlights Nuclear Zero Lawsuits

Newsweek has published a substantial article about the Nuclear Zero Lawsuits and the legacy of U.S. nuclear weapons testing in the Marshall Islands.

Statement in Support of the Marshal Islands’ Cases against Nuclear Weapons States in the International Court of Justice

By Takeya Sasaki, Attorney at Law, President of the Japan Association of Lawyers Against Nuclear Arms