International Newsletter April 2016

  1. Instead of a Prologue
  1. Republic of the Marshall Islands and the Nuclear Zero law suits
  1. Liberty or Death? The Marshall Islands vs. the Nuclear-Armed States by Jacqueline Cabasso
  2. Q&A: The Marshall Islands’ Nuclear Disarmament Cases at the ICJ
  3. Report by Rick Wayman on the RMI Law Cases
  4. Opening Statement of the Republic of the Marshall Islands in „RMI vs Pakistan“ by Tony de Brum

  1. Nuclear weapons
  1. 2016 Open Ended Working Group by Alyn Ware
  2. IALANA statement to the OEWG
  3. Strange Spectacle: Nuclear Security Summit 2016
  4. Vancouver Declaration, February 11, 2011
  5. Stop Trident Report by Kate Hudson
  6. Speech by Reiner Braun, Co-President of the International Peace Bureau IPB,on the Manifestation of the Stop Trident Demonstration
  1. Stopp Ramstein
  1. Ramstein Campaign Appeal
  1. IPB Congress: “Disarm! For a Climate of Peace”
  1. World Congress Programme
  2. Programme NATO Counter Summit, July 2016

IALANA Newsletter April 2016